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Mrs A.Barr Wilson, six times honoured internationally and a dozen times champion between 1923 and 1951 including the treble in 1928 - 1930.

Tait Trophy Winners D.R. Brown 1926:    J.Murray 1952, W.R.Wood 1958, W.D.Salmond  1944 :  Ian W.B. Paterson 2001. Steel Trophy Winners Mrs D. Lyall 1958 and  Mrs Cranston 1961 The team that won the Edinburgh Top Ten Trophy in 2002. (First time ever for Willowbrae!)  Back Row: A.Davie, P.Dall, J.Ralton, B.Laidlaw,     G. Taylor, G.Craig, D.Brown. Front Row: I.W.B.Paterson,  R.J.Lawrie (2002 President), T.Wood and I.G.Paterson.

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