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WILLOWBRAE BOWLING CLUB Club Bylaws (2016) Updated July 17

1. Hours of Play

Full Members (Including Juniors)

Monday to Sunday – 10 a.m. until dusk

Members with no voting power

Monday to Friday 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. until dusk


There will be no play on weekdays between 6p.m and 6.30p.m on the South Green to allow

for resetting the green. The South Green will close at 5.30pm on a Wednesday to allow for

maintenance. The North Green will remain open as above and can be used for ties and

bounce games.

2. Club Etiquette

Players must wear regulation footwear when on the greens and change into this footwear in

the bowls-house.

All bowls, shoes etc. must be placed in the lockers provided for this purpose and not left in

the clubrooms or bowls house.

All items must be removed by the end of the Season.

Male Players representing the Club in all Competitions must wear the Club Sports Shirts,

along with grey/black trousers.

Senior male Players representing the club in all competitions must wear the Club Sports

Shirts, along with grey/black trousers.

Ladies representing the Club must wear grey/black skirt/trousers and a white sports blouse

(with collar and sleeves).

It is also hoped that members representing the Club on a regular basis will wear a Club


Contestants in all Club competition semi finals and finals must also wear the standard

uniform, this comprises grey/black trousers and collared white shirt or Club Sports shirt.

All members, when the weather dictates, can wear knee length dress shorts or cropped

trousers on the green. Members on the green must not wear tracksuits or football/rugby

team tops.

Players entering and leaving the greens must use the steps provided.

Spitting or the throwing of litter on the greens verges or in the ditches is strictly forbidden.

Litter must be placed in the receptacles provided.

3. Use of Greens

The greens sub-committee, as required, shall reserve the greens or rinks for ties,

competitions and matches.

Play is not permitted on the south green from Monday to Friday until 1 pm other than for

Championship singles ties and nominated competitions. This will be at the discretion of the

2 Bylaws – Updated July 17

Green Ranger who has the authority to close Rinks or the Green should weather conditions

dictate or maintenance be required.

South green - all weekday afternoon play, ties and bounce games must finish before 5.30

p.m. in order to allow green maintenance.

A Member subject to the above, may otherwise play single handed games so long as there

are vacant rinks. Members may make up pairs until all rinks are utilised, after which waiting

Members shall be entitled to fill up all rinks to the full complement of 8 players.

Two rinks will be reserved each evening for bounce games. If these rinks are not used by

7.00 p.m. they may be reallocated at the discretion of the Greens Convener, Match

Secretary or Committee Member.

4. Male Senior Section

Male Members over 60 years of age can form a section, which will operate within the

Constitution of Willowbrae Bowling Club. Members of this section will be responsible for

their own selection procedures and for the arrangement of their own competitions.

5. Ladies Section

Lady Members can form a section which will operate within the Constitution of Willowbrae

Bowling Club. Members of this section will be responsible for their own selection procedures

and for the arrangement of their own competitions.

6. Junior Section

There is no minimum age for the Junior Section; the maximum age is 18 years (Age as at

Opening Day). Those wishing to be registered as a Junior Member shall submit annually a

Parental Consent Form and pay a nominal membership fee which will be determined

annually by the A.G.M.

Coaching will take place on SUNDAY mornings or other times as advised and will be

undertaken by Members authorised by the Management Committee.

7. Male Members Meeting

Male members may hold a meeting before or following the Annual General Meeting. The

purpose of the meeting, which will be chaired by the President, will be to discuss and make

arrangements for the selection of individuals and teams to represent the Club in all

competitions (except senior competitions) in which male members participate in the coming


8. Club Competitions

The winners of the Gents and Ladies Singles Championships will represent the Club in the

Edinburgh & Leith Bowling Association’s Tait Trophy and the Edinburgh Women’s Bowling

Association’s Steele Trophy respectively that year. Also they shall represent the Club in the

next year’s Bowls Scotland Singles Championships.

Where the Gents and Ladies Singles Champion is also a Nominated Competition winner,

entry to the appropriate Singles Championship will take precedence.

Competitions will be played under the current rules of Bowls Scotland, unless otherwise

specified on the competition entry sheets.

Players must play their tie on the rink drawn otherwise they will be disqualified.

3 Bylaws – Updated July 17

Bowls must conform to the current rules of the Bowls Scotland.

9. Club Competitions

a) Arranging Ties

Sheets showing the draw for each competition shall be posted on the competitions notice


All rounds must be completed by the dates shown thereon.

These dates shall be strictly adhered to, except when a competitor is representing the Club

in an outside competition. With the approval of the Competitions Committee, such ties must

be played before the next round of the competition.

Should any tie not be played by the stipulated date, or any other irregularity arises, the

Competitions Committee will deal with the situation with this decision being final and binding

on competitors involved.

Competitors should therefore play their ties at the earliest opportunity to ensure that they do

not become liable to scratching from the competition.

Members must not interfere with competition sheets under any circumstances, except when

putting their names forward after having played their ties.

b) Playing Ties

A competitor must be ready to start to play their tie by the time stated on the competition

sheet or as arranged with their opponent.

If all players are not on the green 15 minutes after the agreed starting time, they will forfeit

the tie.

Morning play shall not start before 10.00 a.m. unless with permission of the Match Secretary.

In the evening ties will not start before 6.30 p.m. unless with permission of the Match


c) Club 4 Bowl Pairs/David Paterson Triples/ McLauchlin Rinks

A Competitor who arrive on the green more than 15 minutes after the time stated for the

start of any game in the above competitions shall be disqualified.

Competitors who fails to appear on the specified date without good reason, shall be

disqualified from the next 2 club competitions. This disqualification to be carried over to the

next season, if necessary.

Substitutes must have entered and not previously played in the competition and play in the

position of the person they are replacing.

d) Tie Book

4 Bylaws – Updated July 17

It is appreciated that the majority of single-handed ties are amicably arranged between the

Members concerned.

A Tie Book shall be provided, however, for Members who are unable to arrange ties in this


Either player may enter in the columns provided a choice of 2 dates for the tie to be played.

This entry must be made in the book at least 2 clear days before the first date offered and

the date on which the entry is made must be shown in the appropriate column.

Members must attend the Club on the dates which were entered in the book. In the event of

there being no agreement between opponents, the Competition Committee shall have the

power to remove either one or both Members from the competition.

e) Hat Competition

There shall be a Hat Competition on Saturday afternoons at 2.00pm as agreed by the

Management Committee and arranged by the participating players. Points gained from that

hat game shall be recorded. Members wishing to play must give their names to the

organiser; the last entrant may be required to withdraw.

10. Security of Premises

The last Member in the club or bowls house must ensure that both the Club and the bowls

house are left in a secure manner.

11. Conduct of Members

a) Members found defacing club property or Members whose conduct is, in the opinion of

the Management Committee, contrary to the interests of Willowbrae Bowling Club,

shall be suspended and will remain so until the matter has been fully investigated by

Trustees of the Club

b) Members must not post any notice in the Club without the express permission of the

Secretary, who will normally post notices personally.

c) In response to the government legislation regarding the protection of children and

vulnerable adults, which came into effect in 2005, Willowbrae Bowling Club has

adopted the policy document recommended by Bowls Scotland. This document is on

display on the club notice board. All members are required to make themselves

familiar with its contents and to make every effort to implement them. Any

infringement of the legislation should be reported to the Club Liaison Officer.

d) Members must refrain from using foul/abusive language within the confines of the club

and its grounds.

12. Kitchen

Any Member using the kitchen must at all times leave it clean and tidy and ensure that all

appliances are switched off.

13. Children

5 Bylaws – Updated July 17

Junior Members have access to all public areas of the club provided an adult member is

present. Non-members who are under 18 years of age must be under the supervision of a

club member No child under 16 years shall have access to the bar.

Those aged 16 and 17 may approach the bar but may not purchase alcohol. No one under

the age of 18 years is allowed to play the gaming machines.

14. Private Functions

On application to the Management Committee, members may be permitted to use the

clubhouse to hold a private function.

Any such request will be made on the relevant booking form (available from the bar) and

submitted, together with the current booking fee to the Bar Convenor.

Please note that no bookings will be taken for 18th Birthday parties. Other events where it is

likely that a significant number of people under that age might be present will be at the

discretion of the Management Committee.

15. Dogs

Other than assistance dogs, dogs are not allowed in the Clubhouse at any time.

When on the Greens surrounds all dogs must be under the control of the owner and on a

lead. If the animal fouls the ground, the owner must clean it up.

16. Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Only alcoholic beverages purchased from the bar may be consumed on the premises.

Alcohol may be consumed outside the clubhouse only if a non-glass receptacle is used.

These may be obtained from the bar on request.

17. Playing the Gaming Machines

There will be no limit to the number of plays.

18. Management Committee

Normally, no one person shall hold more than one of the following positions:


Vice President



Match Secretary

19 Complaints

6 Bylaws – Updated July 17

All complaints from Members must be made in writing and addressed to the Secretary of the

Club, who shall place the matter before the Management Committee for discussion.

Management Committee

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